Soderini, Piero

The Gonfaloniere of Justice, leader of Florence


Piero Soderini (Pronounce) was born in Florence into a family very successful for medicine. With that strong family name he entered Florentine politics and became a favorite of the ruling Medici family. When the Medici family was exiled from Florence in 1494 and the ultra conservative Dominican Friar, Savonarola set up his republic he managed to stay in city politics continuing to grow a reputation of fairness and wisdom. Then, when Savonarola was burned at the stake in 1502, he was elected the Gonfaloniere (Pronounce) of Justice, leader of the Florentine government, for life.

Soderini is viewed as a very moderate leader and the population is generally content under his leadership, especially because they have a lot more personal freedoms under his watch as opposed to the staunch and imposing reign of Savonarola.

Notable NPC Connections:
Niccolò Machiavelli is his second chancellor
Mariella is his daughter

Notable Campaign Connections:
Soderini’s daughter, Mariella is missing

Soderini, Piero

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